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In His Name Ministries

Throughout the years IHNM and the Morgan family have worked and cooperated with several different denominations, churches, ministries, and individuals in a unified effort to communicate the Gospel of Christ, establish a growing Christian ministry presence, disciple believers, train and mobilize new ministers and ministries, facilitate several educational outreach activities and social programs including breakfast for school children, literacy evangelism classes, regular basic food distribution for families, farming projects, computer classes, clothing, shoes, and toiletries for children and adults, back to school supplies, anual Christmas gifts for kids, bikes for kids, countless community “carnivals”, concerts and door to door canvasing.

Rick and Kim Morgan have been in Christian ministry since 1986.
They founded In His Name Ministries in 2002 to facilitate missionary and ministry outreach around the world. They have served as pastors and missionaries in the USA and abroad including Honduras, El Salvador, Spain and Mexico. Their  seven children are third generation missionaries and ministers.
Currently IHNM serves as a Christian ministry covering for over 180 churches in El Salvador, Spain and Mexico as well as participating as a collaborating partner with numerous other churches and pastors in several additional countries. Among the projects, programs and ministries they have helped to found are Generación Movil, OneLife Immersion, OneLife Jumpstart, Cradle of Champions (Cuna de Campeones), and M.A.M.I.


In Name Ministries is a non-profit Christian ministry incorporated in the state of Arkansas and operates under the 501-C3 of FGEA. Tulsa, OK.
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