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An Offer

During week three in Spain, our team was fully past the consequences of the so-called jet lag. And on Saturday we had an event for married couples. 
Pastor Antonio and Pastor Maria told us about their desire for us to minister to married couples. Even though there were only young couples on our team, they were open to the idea of us sharing and willing to receive what God had for them; even through young people like us. This was very inspiring for the team. We recognize that God’s grace over our lives empowered us to share. Sadly, people aren’t always willing to receive from someone who is younger or less “experienced” than them. As we write this blog, we pray for a heart that is teachable and humble so we can receive what God has for us through others.  

The Day Of

The day of the event started with an “asado” = outdoor barbecue. People from the church and some non-church-going family members came and shared many hours together eating and visiting before the teaching. This type of social activity is very common for people in Spain. We enjoyed getting to know people and the food that the church members prepared for us. 
After close to six hours of socializing and eating delicious food – it was time for the couple’s meeting. We started the meeting with some songs to help wake everyone up from our food comas and to set the tone for the rest of the meeting. We also played a game to see how much the couples knew about each other which produced some very fun and interesting answers. Everyone really enjoyed it! 

We shared hearts three different topics that we felt God put on our hearts while we were on the 13 hours flight to Spain. As a team, we developed questions for the topics to allow each couple to start some really important conversations between them. The topics we discussed were: “Having a Good Foundation: changing bad habits that develop over time”, “The Purpose of Marriage”, and “Going to Christ: the true source of satisfaction”. Jesus touched their hearts through these topics, and afterward, some of the couples shared with us about what God was doing in their lives.  

We are grateful for the opportunity God gave us to speak.

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