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Gods been working

Our OneLife team has been in Spain for almost two weeks now. Each time we come to support the church here, we experience something new. The needs are different and the answers to our prayers as well. During these first two weeks here, we have been able to witness some huge answers to prayer! 

First, one of the people for whom the pastors have been praying for many years has returned to the Lord and is not just coming to church meetings but also actively participating by doing their part in the Body of Christ! It has encouraged me to see God bring restoration to a situation that may have looked hopeless. I am sure we can all think of someone in our lives whose situation seems hopeless. Do not give up, Keep praying and know that God is putting together the pieces to offer them freedom. 


Another answer to prayer is the growth in the church here. The church here has many new people attending. This was a huge surprise and encouragement to me personally. It really should not be a big surprise, but this reveals my own faith struggle. The work here in Spain can seem very hard and slow moving sometimes. Discouragement is a big struggle but thank you Jesus! He is faithful even when we lack faith! 

Struggles in Spain


In Spain evangelical Christians, as they call them, have been few and far between. Some of the older generations have even told us of times when being an evangelical brought risk. Persecution is not so far away, and the things many Christian’s face today could be considered forms of it. 

I have helped with God’s work in Spain for several years now and thought I was aware of the situation Christians experience here. I had heard stories of the trials and difficulties that Christians in this part of the world face. One can feel a different heavy spiritual atmosphere when in this country. But during these first two weeks the realization of their situation has been greater than ever before. In one of the youth meetings, we had a chance to just talk with the youth about their lives and their backgrounds. While conversing, I heard a girl about 17 years old explain that outside of her church she has never met another Christian in her life. IN HER LIFE! When I really started to think about this I was astounded. To have never met another Christian outside of your family and church is unimaginable to me. I could only picture trying to be a young follower of Jesus and have what seems like everyone else fighting against you. Imagine trying to live a pure life for God when everyone else is telling you not to do that. I heard almost all of the other youth talk about being bullied in school and/ or not having friends. One family talked about raising their daughter as a Christian without a community of other Christians. 

All these things made it so clear to me that when they say, it is so encouraging to have us here, and how refreshed they feel to spend time with other believers. they really mean it! 


The church in Spain needs the support of the other parts of the body of Christ. They need us to pray and bring them up before God, to support and encourage them. Please pray for Spain and the work God is doing here. The people need revival, they need direction, they need strength. Their physical land needs rain and so do their hearts. 

God is answering so many prayers. Your brothers and sisters in Spain need your support. The prayer of the righteous does much. 


 because He is listening. And where two or more are gathered in His name, there He is, and He hears us. Do not sit back! Take part in what God is doing. 


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