Rain Fall

    2 Chronicles 16:9 NIV
    “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him…”

    God does the unexpected and impossible around us all the time! Are our eyes open and our hearts searching for Him?

    At the beginning of July, we went to visit a church in northeast Arkansas. While there, we were able to help out with different projects around the church facilities; participate in their worship, preaching and children’s ministry; and enjoy delicious meals over great conversation with the church members. The pastors and their team hosted us so graciously! And It was awesome to have God pour back into our lives through these things also! And we are very grateful for their friendship.

    Before we went to visit them, we had been told that they were in desperate need of rain. They had been praying for it, and we agreed to pray with them. 

    Fast forward a little bit, when we arrived it still had not rained. We had multiple services with them, and continued praying together for an outflow of rain, both spiritual and physical.

    On the Spiritual side, the amazing part of this visit was Jesus pouring out His love and presence on us in those services. We were receiving spiritual rain! – When Christ’s followers get on the same page by praying for His will, something powerful and miraculous happens! –

    On the physical side, during our visit we heard a little bit of rainfall and thanked God for it. But Our God is not the god of “halfway” things, He knows our needs. The very next Sunday after we left, they received a huge downpour of rain, lightening and thunder! 

    God is perfect in all of His ways! They were so excited, and I’m sure their neighbors were relieved as well.

    We are so so grateful that God cares about the details of our lives. In a time where the world is seeing extreme heat waves and drought, we are seeing God overflow onto His children’s lives. Thank you, Lord Jesus!! This world needs an outpouring of God’s presence, truth, healing and love. This generation needs to know Jesus as The King of kings! Our prayer is for revival, for an outpour, not just for the church, but for the whole world.

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